Houses in Spain

Padel in England

U3 Architecture


U3 ARCHITECTURE is a display of a selection of works from the architectural firm run by  Ignacio Rodríguez Urgel,  expressing his understanding of architecture as a way to integrate human activity with the surrounding environment.

Houses in Spain

U3 ARCHITECTURE study expands its new headquarters in England, with the intention of providing support to companies that want or are interested in building a detached house in Spain.

With a wide experience in the field of building and landscaping, U3 ARCHITECTURE opens its studio near London, with the objective of giving the British clients the possibility to have at their disposal an architect with dual qualification to practice in Spain and U.K.

If you are planning to build a home in Spain, we take care to find the suitable plot, to design and project your home, to handle all the necessary licenses and to coordinate the contracting of the construction company that best suits your needs.

Padel in the U.K.

U3 ARCHITECTURE is a firm with extensive experience in the design and construction of Padel clubs and sports facilities in Spain.

Its location in England is due to the belief that the practice of Padel will soon spread across the UK as has happened in Spain and is happening in other European countries like France and Belgium.

The objective of U3 ARCHITECTURE is to give technical support for those companies, schools or sports associations in the UK that wish to invest in the world of Padel, providing them with its extensive experience in the design and construction of sports venues.

From our study in Surrey, southwest of London, we want to be near the companies that want to invest in sport facilities and especially in the world of Padel.

We also have the support of many Spanish companies interested in the construction and the provision of specialised equipment for Padel courts, and are willing to bring  to the U.K. all their experience in this field.

We seek the best architectural solution to optimise space and integrate the new facilities at the club or school where they will be located.

We analyse the different solutions of landscape integration. Our main goal is integration into the landscape, we especially care for the impact that can generate the new facilities in the immediate surroundings.

We study the investment needed to convert, extend or build your club.

We implement the project.

We can get you in touch with professionals of the practice and coaching of Padel.

We can take you around the Padel facilities we have so far done in Spain.

U3 Architecture

U3 ARCHITECTURE is the space to display and share the architecture that I have so far performed over 23 years of career and the place to explain and develop future projects.

In the designed architecture, you can see reflected the ideas that every architect has to meet the diverse needs of connection, use and integration of men and the environment around us.

I trust that this space serves as a useful guide to explain my idea of ​​making architecture.

Design, state-of-art and the research of new architectural forms have always been the aim of the projects that I lead and of my collaborations.

I consider architecture as the best tool to shape and transform the landscape.

In this context, I stand for an architecture that is expressed without limits, where the work is integrated and enters into a permanent dialogue with its immediate surroundings.

In my opinion, well before giving a formal solution to a particular program’s needs, the architect must find the language and choose the way to communicate with the landscape, only this way can the the expression of the shape be justified.

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